Space Heaters

The University of Richmond recognizes that individuals have different levels of comfort associated with temperature and heat. The use of electric space heaters as a temporary measure is permitted in administrative and academic buildings.

Guidelines are as follows:

  • Space heaters are not allowed in University housing.
  • Any space heater must be UL approved
  • Space heater must have a thermostat that shuts unit off when a certain temperature is reached
  • Space heater must be electrically powered; Fuel powered or propane space heaters are not approved
  • Space heater must have a tip over shut down feature; If a space heater is knocked over, the unit must automatically shut off
  • Space heater must be kept at least three feet away from any combustible materials such as files, curtains, and trash cans
  • Space heater shall not be placed under desks or in other enclosed areas
  • Nothing shall be placed on top or touching a space heater
  • Space heater must be turned off and unplugged when the area is not occupied
  • Space heater should always be plugged into a wall receptacle
  • Space heater must be kept in good working condition
  • Read and follow the manufacturer's operating instructions

The University of Richmond Department of Environmental Health and Safety reserves the right to inspect and declare "unapproved" any space heater that creates a hazard or is inappropriate to a particular location based on specific circumstances or codes.